I use Sierras Construction exclusively in my service area for both Mechanical and Electrical Installations of Equipment and the Systems associated with it. The level of detail that our installation require is very important and Sierras Construction always delivers. All of their work is thoroughly designed, thought through and engineered correctly so that I don't have to spend time babysitting or asking for rework. The project managers always over deliver. My customers and my company have come to depened on Sierras Construction as a business partner that we look too for solutions. It is a great business partnership.

Charlie Robinson

Air Centers of SC, Inc.

Fred Martinez has built Sierras Construction by recruiting a group of people who truly want to exceed their customers expectation, everyone from Fred down has impressed me. I look forward to a long prosperous relationship with Sierras Construction. They are a part of my Team now.

Russ Kill

Facility Maintenance



Sierras Construction, LLC is committed to being the most highly qualified and technically competent contractor in the Southeastern United States.

We achieve our mission by placing the highest emphasis on Safety and all around employee training, as well as bringing a Can-Do Attitude and Team approach to every project.

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